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Bali and The Daily Offering

BALI AND THE DAILY OFFERING - debalivillas.com

You may see that Balinese Hindu do Daily offering in almost every corner of their house or work place. Do they have many Gods? If not why do they put the offering in front of the house, in the entrance, on the top of the stone, in big tree, in some temples within the house? They put flower, biscuit, candy, cigarette, coffee, etc on the offering. Why?

I will answer this from my point of view as Balinese Hindu, if you ask another Balinese Hindu maybe little bit different. So, this story is what I believe in Hindu in my way.

I pray only for one God. But I also respect to the ‘Spirit’. The Spirit can be bad, god, lower or higher position than human. In this case I would love to make ‘friendship’ with this spirit in good way in order to make a good balance atmosphere between this world and the ‘unseen world’. Some other religion will not allow their follower to pray or even make ‘friendship’ to the spirit. Maybe because it means they betray their God if they do this, just maybe. I do not want to talk about other people’s believe. I just believe that ‘My God’ will not jealous if I respect and honor the Spirit

The way to respect the ‘Spirit’ is to give them offering. I respect them because I believe they are created by the same God that create Human, Trees, and Animals. So, let’s respect all the ‘things’ which created by the God. And of course, they way I respect other Human will be different with the way I respect Spirit, Trees, Plants, or Animals.

I respect to my Boss and do what I should do in work place, and my Boss will give me Salary. I respect to the Spirit and do what should I do for them, and they will give me a good environmental atmosphere, good aura and a good luck. I respect to the Plants and I spend my time to watering them, and it gives me fresh air and nice view. I respect to my Cat and Dog, and I wash them, clean their poo, and it gives me happiness. That is my simple way of think, which won’t make ‘My God’ jealous There will be bad and good people, and also bad and good Spirit.

I believe that if I treat all people (bad or good) in good way, they will treat me good too. If I still get a bad treatment from them, might be it because of my ‘Karma Phala’ or might be they will get the Karma Phala’ for treating me bad. And I believe this will also happened in the same way with the ‘Spirit’ This ‘good relationship’ between Balinese and the ‘Spirit’ is the reason why Bali have good Aura, good Atmosphere. But we know, nowadays, times to times, many lands or parts of Bali bought by ‘Outsider’ so that part of lands did not get any offering and of course the Aura of Bali will decrease times to times as well

Kadek Rai Kurniawan
Founder Debalivillas Ubud Bali villa management

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